COT & Partners is an international practice with over 30 professionals and 25 years’ experience in the sector.

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The challenge of building spaces to be used in a natural way

The aim is to create spaces that relate to their environment by means of intelligent architecture that optimises resources during construction and comes up with innovative solutions. A commitment to the humanisation of public and private spaces, giving technical priority to the economy in the constructive rigour and environmental integration that a model of responsible development provides.

An essential tool for COT & Partners is the independence of opinion between the members of the team and their rigour and discipline, giving priority to unique and attractive solutions to the project requirements. From the conception of the idea to the realisation of the building we seek to provide a contemporary, effective and personalised response, bringing architecture closer to the people with a view to creating a genuine place linked to its original character.

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The rigour of the technical interwoven with the design process

COT & Partners carries out its Engineering work by integrating the expertise of each technical area and project team. From the outset, the internal structure is organised with a view to coordinating the functional programme with the required constructive or energetic aspects as well as those referring to the installations and structures themselves. We firmly believe that the idea of architecture should grow as part of a single process until it becomes a constructed reality.

The multidisciplinary team provides the value engineering required to find the most effective solutions and achieve maximum comfort at the best price. This objective shared by all phases of Architecture, Engineering and Management serves to surround the project with a dynamic and constant dialogue that is the main feature of our working method.

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Integral Management

Capacity for coordination so that the solution meets the appropriate price and timeframe

Integral Project Development is another instrument of the construction process that is inserted from practically the start with a view to maintaining the balance between cost, timeframe and quality in order to obtain an effective and attractive final result. A work must be characterised by its architectural quality, by its price within the rigorous confines of the technical aspects and by complying with work and permit deadlines, as well as coordination and legalisation needs.

The main engine of our work is client commitment, offering solutions through direct, personalised and specialised dealings to find the necessary flexibility between each area in order to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to the needs raised by each project.




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