About Us

COT & Partners is an international practice with over 30 professionals and 25 years’ experience in the sector.

The driving force behind our work is our commitment to our clients: we provide a prompt response to the particular needs of each company, offering comprehensive solutions and a service that is direct, personalised and specialised. We strive to provide an excellent response to the needs and aspirations of clients and users alike with dedication, service, complicity and enthusiasm.

Our corporate policy is based on rigorous management, widely proven technical expertise and deadline, budget and quality compliance at each and every stage of the projects we take on

History / Philosophy

25 years of history, and each project poses a new challenge

COT & Partners begun operating in 1995; over the course of more than 20 years of activity and having constructed 770,000 m2 of buildings, it has grown into a company with over 30 architecture, engineering and management professionals and with an extensive practical knowledge of building projects and works for public and private companies.

Covering all stages of the construction process – from assessment to the planning, development and management of all types of projects – the journey of COT & Partners has from the outset been marked by a special concern for materials research and cost control.

Frequent collaboration with leading engineering companies has enabled us to offer comprehensive answers that are appropriate to each project in an increasingly demanding society that is evolving at full speed and poses new problems and challenges on a daily basis; COT & Partners has grown and become ever more specialised in its mission to deliver all phases of the construction process in large and complex projects in the best way possible.

Specialising in the creation of multidisciplinary teams, COT & Partners is noted for its special attention to each phase of a project and its integral management, always guided by orthodoxy, rigour and precision.


A professional commitment to history

The desire to excel, the sum of knowledge, professional standing, a respect for the human dimension and a commitment to people and territory have been constant features of our work: we believe in teamwork without losing the global vision. At COT & Partners we understand that research, innovation and work are the key to responding to ever-emerging new needs.

We believe in the need to incorporate sustainability criteria into our work with a view to bringing architecture closer to man, thereby creating a genuine place, rooted in history. We believe in a model of responsible development that meets present needs without in any way compromising the possibilities of future generations.



Organise, coordinate and transform reality

COT & Partners is made up of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who always keep up to speed with the latest trends and developments: architects, engineers, technical architects, landscape architects, interior designers, etc.

At COT & Partners we are experts in organising and coordinating groups of highly qualified professionals, selected according to the needs of each project. Every one of the jobs we work on is directed by one of our partners and supported by monitoring committees made up of the rest of the advisory board of partners, thus guaranteeing rigour and precision.


After working successfully on projects of all kinds for 25 years, Federico Sotomayor’s experience as an architect and urban planner is second to none. But in addition to professional expertise, during this time Federico has developed something much more important: a panoramic vision and an effective approach to quickly ascertain the needs of each and every project he works on, how to manage them and which professionals are the best fit to solve the puzzle of objectives: people and processes that help transform an idea into reality.

Trained at Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid), in 1989 he began to combine his work monitoring construction processes with collaborations with other architects. He then began to promote projects and team up with different professionals, feeling the need to set up his own company.

Thus, in 1995 he set out on the journey of what ­- thanks to his transformational impetus – has now become COT & Partners. From industrial architecture to telecommunications infrastructure, from business parks to railway stations, in the early years at the helm of his company, the alma mater of COT & Partners promoted and developed a whole range of projects in Spain, before starting to expand internationally in 1999. Venezuela, Morocco, Peru and the Middle East, among other countries: Federico’s panoramic vision became international and converted COT & Partners into the comprehensive solutions company it is today.


Having graduated in 1994 with a degree in Architecture from Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid), this senior architect with over 20 years of experience is one of the professionals responsible for the company’s conceptual and creative development.

In the early years of his professional career, before and just after graduation, Luis Jimeno collaborated with numerous architectural firms and practices that gave special importance to the conceptual and creative aspect of design. His training was thus marked by a special interest in and attention to this important facet of the profession.

In 1996 he joined COT & Partners and has since helped the company to create, conceptualise and develop countless projects and works, always striving to give them the added value of an attractive and modern design. This, coupled with good practice in the development and functional design of the project, and with careful monitoring of its implementation, produces excellent results from both the aesthetic and operational standpoint.

His successes derive not only from his dedication to architecture and urban planning, but are closely linked to the creative character and approach he seeks to bring to his projects. He is always concerned with incorporating a careful design and aesthetic element to all parts of a building regardless of its scale or size, resulting in a singularity that seduces.


Holding a Higher Degree in Architecture from Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid), Gabriel Fernández Santana has been an essential part of COT & Partners since 1999. With over 15 years of experience, he is responsible for the supervision and control of the firm’s daily activities as well as its operations management.

In addition to his expertise in operational matters, Gabriel is a key factor when it comes to defining the strategy behind Federico Sotomayor’s vision for the direction of COT & Partners, and part of his job is to lead the implementation of this strategy in the company’s strategic discussions and in translating that vision into concrete actions.

Gabriel Fernández Santana is responsible for ensuring that processes are aligned in order to maximise efficiency and meet the objectives of both our clients and our own company. His philosophy is based on using a curious and inquisitive mind to identify and promote best business practices.

Motivation, hard work and a great capacity to adapt to a constantly changing environment ensure that Gabriel plays a fundamental role in the business assessment underlying the international expansion plans of COT & Partners.


Ángel José began his university education in the field of economics and business, obtaining a Degree in Economics and Business Studies from the European University of Madrid, which he later expanded with legal studies in civil, commercial and administrative company law, obtaining a law degree from Madrid’s University Camilo José Cela.

He has also achieved the official qualifications of Auditor R.O.A.C. (class of 2001), Tax Advisor RE.A.F as well as Tax-Legal Expert RE.C.J.

He started his career at AUDYCUENTA, S.A. (1995-1998), working in the audit and review of financial statements. In 1999 he joined Necso Entrecanales Cubiertas, S.A., now Acciona Group, working as administrative director of the Madrid Real Estate Division until 2003 when he was asked by former directors at Necso to become financial director at Euroges financial Group, S.A. He then took over the position of Chief Financial Officer at Conterbia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, S.L. until 2005.

The corporate training of Angel José has helped him to achieve a level of professional maturity to which he also brings sound knowledge of technical, economic and financial logistics in the field of urban development, property development and construction.

In 2005 he joined Uriasociados – AUDYCUENTA – as a Partner, where he once again performed auditing and forensic economics tasks as an accounting and legal expert, in addition to actively participating in the development of numerous projects and corporate business – MBO, Equity – in highly diverse sectors, as well as handling the legal, economic and financial supervision of the activities of Uríasociados.

He is a member of the Bar Association of Madrid and the Official Association of Business Graduates of Madrid, as well as currently being a member of the Governing Board of the latter. He is also listed in the Official Registry of Accounting Auditors and in the Tax Consultants and Accounting and Legal Experts Registries of the General Council of Economists.

He joined COT & Partners in May 2012 and Ángel José has since served as the company’s CFO, handling its economic and financial, legal and reporting affairs, while using his knowledge of the property field to provide support to the technical team in the drafting of studies and projects.

He enjoys playing paddle tennis and basketball, although he admits that his true passion is the collection and technical and historical knowledge of fountain pens and timepieces – wristwatches for the uninitiated – which he repairs for his personal enjoyment.


Since joining COT & Partners in 2005 as Design Developer, Inés Pérez Narvión has been entrusted with overseeing the company’s project management, organisation and design standards, above all focusing on international projects.

After graduating in 2004 with a degree in Architecture from Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid), majoring in Building and Urban Planning, she has spent the subsequent 10-plus years building up substantial experience in projects of great diversity, from business and industrial architecture planning projects, railway stations, institutional buildings or R&D projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. All this has helped Inés to hone her abilities to coordinate and integrate teams from different disciplines, both internal and external, participating in all phases of the design and implementation process.


Juan Galbis graduated from the Higher School of Architecture at Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid) in 2005. After collaborating with Carlos Rubio and Enrique Álvarez Sala in the development of Madrid’s Torre Sacyr skyscraper, he joined COT & Partners in 2008. He has been a partner at the company since 2011, growing as a professional while helping the firm grow. With a special talent for picking out emerging trends and business opportunities, Juan transmits his energy to the COT & Partners team and clients alike.

In charge of supervising the firm’s relations and collaborations with clients and partners, Juan Galbis continues to feed his passion for architecture by combining practice with research and teaching. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis at the Department of Architectural Technology at Madrid’s Technical University. As a teacher he has lectured at Madrid’s Camilo José Cela University and at the School of Design and Technology (ESNE). He has also published several works in the field of architectural research.

The work he carries out at COT & Partners is based on creating and developing new business opportunities, managing the relationship with existing customers and defending the vision of a forward-looking company in which he has deposited all his talent and enthusiasm from the outset. The success and international expansion of COT & Partners are the reward for his efforts.


With over 25 years of experience in the profession, this Technical Architecture in Execution of Works graduate joined COT & Partners in 2005 to take on the tasks of the financial control and planning, management and execution of different projects. His expert handling of the consistency and continuity of large-scale projects coupled with his ability to coordinate multifaceted teams are key to the company’s success. Basically, Fernando Sotomayor is in charge of making things happen.

His long career in various property, construction and architectural firms has led to the firm belief that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and he makes sure that the best current thinking and the best services are made available to clients. In this regard, his leadership and his experience in managing systems and processes is key to guaranteeing optimal results and a correct flow of work.

Committed to finding environmentally responsible solutions and with an eye to further developing the international presence of COT & Partners, his vision of the profession is to create sustainable architecture that is timeless, embedded in an urban plan and provides a city with long-term habitability.


With a Higher Degree in Architecture from Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica (Technical University of Madrid), specialising in Urban Planning, she soon came to focus on the more creative side of the profession. In 2005 she joined COT & Partners and, over the course of more than 10 years in the industry she has worked on the interaction between nature and architecture, and the relationship between light and space, carrying out exemplary work in this field, while meeting the client’s objectives as well as those of future users of the projects developed by the firm.

She tries to solve creative problems via different approaches and solutions, providing all the necessary options and concepts to ensure that the design work as a whole is completed to the highest possible level. Together with her team and working hand in hand with the company’s management, Cristina Llavona seeks to improve the global impact of the design area at COT & Partners, contributing to its international expansion.


Ángel holds a degree in business from Madrid’s Escuela Superior de Comercio (Higher School of Commerce) and has devoted his academic and professional training to the study of economics and business, obtaining other titles and official qualifications such as a Diploma in Business Studies, specialising in Accounting and Information Systems, from the Complutense University of Madrid, Accounts Auditor R.OA.C. (class of 1988), RE.AF Tax Advisor, Accounting and Legal Expert RE.CJ, Graduate in Business Administration and Management from Madrid’s Antonio de Nebrija University, and Master in Business Creation and Management from Madrid’s Antonio de Nebrija University. He is currently studying for a PhD in Economics and Business Management at the Catholic University of Valencia.

He has extensive and solid professional experience in the private sector, both in terms of strategic business promotion and development as well as the commercial and financial management of companies, built up over the course of more than twenty-five years working in positions of responsibility in highly diverse sectors, such as at Entrecanales y Távora, S.A., at Infilco Española, S.A., now Acciona Group (1966-1978), at Leche Pascual, S.A. (1979-1989) and at Comercial Domecq, S.A. (1990-1994) of the Pedro Domecq Group, now split up into the Pernod Ricard and Suntory Groups, among others.

Since 1994 he has exercised his profession in an entrepreneurial and independent manner, as auditor, forensic accountant, consultant, advisor, etc., positions that have allowed him to participate in a significant number of cases across a wide range of sectors, in the strategy, promotion, development, direction and management of projects on an international scale.

Member of the Official College of Commercial Professionals of Madrid, at which he has been the Dean-President, he is listed in the Official Registry of Accounting Auditors and in the Tax Consultants and Accounting and Legal Experts Registries. He held the position of Secretary General of what is now called the General Council of Economists and was Director of the Revista Técnica Económica (Technical Economic Journal), Accountant at the Interprofessional Union and Member of the Community of Madrid’s Consumer Commission. He is also a member of the San Fernando fraternity.

Partner and co-founder of COT & Partners, he joined the Group in February 2005 and has since taken part in and given support to the economic, financial, fiscal and corporate aspects of the internal dynamics of the company, as well as the studies and projects developed by the studio.

Architecture has always reminded him of his early career in construction and engineering: activities that are highly dynamic and diverse in the development of each project, because the interaction between creation, design and technology, applied by a team to give the hoped-for future answer to a specific need in a predetermined place, has always seemed to him exciting and inspiring.

The experience that has had the greatest influence on his personal and professional life were the eleven years working alongside Tomás Pascual Sanz to help implement and consolidate the Leche Pascual project, at the time the largest dairy industry in Europe and the most technologically advanced in the production of UHT milk and other dairy products. A challenge that required him to exercise and put into practice all his skills and springs of knowledge to create from scratch the human and technical infrastructure of the economic, financial, data processing, IT and management control logistics related to the procurement, production, marketing and distribution of consumer products.

Travelling, music, literature and photography are just some of Ángel’s hobbies, many of which become sources of inspiration, although he also admits that playing golf (passably) has at times helped him in his decision-making and in finding solutions.

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