Business park


The Arbea project is being developed in Alcobendas, near Madrid, in an industrial suburban environment. The 27,500 m2 site has an interesting topography and is located between two of the major traffic arteries of northern Madrid, and between two large recreational areas. Faced with this unique but uninviting area, the first design strategy is to surround the site in a great mass of trees, giving them importance and thus protecting the project and generating an attractive and beautiful landscape and context.

The proposal has been split up into three levels, with a large horizontal garden area covering the ground floor. It is conceived as a large square and belvedere with gardens, textures, paths and courtyards that serve to prolong the interior space of the building over to Madrid’s mountain skyline. The design was able to take advantage of the plot’s significant topographical incline to create the perception of the whole as being two levels above ground. The ground floor is illuminated with courtyards that serve as a space between the five buildings, horizontal wooden boxes that give order to the landscape via repetition and float on top of this integrating element.


Technical detais

  • Partners MÉTRICA TYP, Roberto Robuffo, Marcelo Bertolino
  • Type of project Office Business Park
  • Location Alcobendas. Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter RIOFISA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integrated Management
  • Area 35.000 m²
  • Date 2005
  • Budget 23.000.000,00€