Transversal viewpoints

For the Corporate Headquarters of British Petroleum Company we constructed a building that favoured the lobby area by means of a bold proposal that reduced the expression of the rest of the complex. The four-storey air-conditioned space in Madrid, complete with its splendid curved glass skin, has a high level of solar control and a totally transparent reception area. The building is made up of two underground floors for parking, a ground floor for access and four floors to complete the programme. The vertical communications are achieved by means of a main set of stairs for public use, completed with a lift of sufficient capacity to meet the vertical traffic needs and a second communications core reserved for company personnel. These cores are located on the opposing vertices of the prism.

Technical detais

  • Partners RTKL, Jorge Beroiz
  • Type of project Office building
  • Location Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter RIOFISA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integrated Management project
  • Area 13.000 m²
  • Date Diciembre 1998 a junio 2001
  • Budget 9.600.000,00€