Catalana Occidente

Renovation of corporate headquarters

The great central courtyard is the building’s centrepiece; it welcomes and catches the eye

The existing building that is the object of this project was constructed at the end of the 19th century. In recent it has been subject to numerous interventions, not all of them structural, including the enlargement of its volume and some relating to aesthetic issues, such as the modification of the main façade.

The result is a building with scarce natural light and a generally low quality spatial qualification.

The building, located in the heart of Madrid, is currently being adapted to its new needs as the corporate headquarters of the leading insurance company Seguros Catalana de Occidente.

The office building has six floors and a basement located between party walls, with the project proposing to modify the interior alone to achieve a far more rational functionality, while respecting the degrees of protection the building enjoys.

Technical detais

  • Type of project Restructure and refurb. of office building
  • Location Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter Catalana Occidente
  • Stages Architectural and engineering project. Project management
  • Area 5.505 m²
  • Date 09/2011 - Ongoing
  • Budget 7.000.000,00€