INMAA Training centre

Training centre

Combining the needs of a very demanding programme with the need for accuracy

The building reconciles two very different functions: the teaching function and the operational function required of any industrial training activity. The resulting building has a double-height space suitable for vehicle access and for manipulating mechanical products, and a two-storey area reserved for classrooms and offices.

Indirect natural light dominates the working space to give the training activities adequate comfort. To achieve this, the design has a metal saw-tooth roof with north-facing lights. The south-facing surfaces are used for solar panels that collect the highest possible amounts of solar radiation.

There was a deadline of four months from the start of the project until the date of inauguration. INMAA’s success lies in the use of a prefabricated system that solves the architectural and engineering challenge in an integrated manner and effective management coordinating the whole process.


Technical detais

  • Type of project Industrial and training centre
  • Location Casablanca (Morocco)
  • Promoter INMAA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integrated Management project
  • Area 700 m²
  • Date 12/2010 - 04/2011
  • Budget 5.000.000,00€