Business park

The courtyard at the heart of the project

The solution for this business park of four office buildings located in Madrid is a response to two premises: a workspace that ensures optimal habitability and maximum use of the permitted development area. The adopted solution is based on the repetition of two elements (building and courtyard) that serve to control the outdoor landscape, thus avoiding a visual relationship with the most industrial surroundings. The façade seeks to provide the highest possible visual transversality by means of a highly transparent design that protects the building from direct sun exposure through horizontal and vertical slats.

As for the courtyards, the parking of vehicles is avoided, green resting spaces intended for habitation are provided and internal circulations of both pedestrians and vehicles are rationalised.


Technical detais

  • Type of project Office Business Park
  • Location Madrid (España)
  • Promoter RIOFISA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integrated Management project
  • Area 22.000 m²
  • Date 09/2000 - 08/2004
  • Budget 16.900.000€