Industrial Park

Topography as opportunity and a layout of parallel pieces

The site in the north of Madrid is to be found at a point where an old industrial area meets a new residential area. This is a business-focused design integrated into an urban setting and with a significant topographic change in the site’s level.

The difficulty of adapting this topography to the proposed uses resulted in an industrial complex on different levels. Each topographic plane has an adjoining road so that the direct accesses to the merchandise reach the different levels of the project without having to resort to mechanical lifting means.

One of the main features of the project is the execution of small-sized warehouses to meet the demands of an existing clean industry in the area. Another feature is the integration of the activity’s tertiary uses in the architectural proposal.


Technical detais

  • Partners NEISA-Ingeniería
  • Type of project Industrial Park
  • Location Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter NEISA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering
  • Area 74.500 m²
  • Date 06/1995 - 06/2000
  • Budget 30.000.000,00€