AVE Station, Shopping Centre and Hotel

Project based on the coexistence of two very different activities: commercial and station

The María Zambrano shopping area is located right in the centre of Málaga, playing a vital role and contributing to the revival of the old Barrio de la Estación (Station District), in that it is home to the infrastructure and services linked to the AVE high speed train and Cercanías suburban rail stations, a leisure complex with ten cinemas, a bowling alley, a hotel, shops and restaurants. The various uses are articulated around a public building that energises its surroundings. The main 3,000 m², 12-meter high entrance hall has a dual function: on the one hand it provides access to the platform area and, on the other, it serves as the starting point of the shopping route. It also connects the two accesses located at the other two north-south façades. This connection of thoroughfares via the building’s interior is completely intentional, seeking integration with the surroundings by encouraging the city’s pedestrian traffic to pass through the shopping centre itself. The language used and the homogeneity of the materials on the outside reinforce the single building proposal. The intervention, which takes the form of an “L”, has the same roof height throughout with the exception of the main body of the hotel, which rises 33.50 m above ground level. As a result, the shopping centre is basically laid out on two floors (shopping area and leisure area).

The interior design of the building is based on the lighting project. The skylights that filter natural light are accompanied by different lighting strategies, reinforcing the playfulness of the project while seeking comfortable levels of light for the user.


Technical detais

  • Partners RTKL, JACOBS
  • Type of project AVE Station, Shopping Centre and Hotel
  • Location Málaga (Spain)
  • Promoter RIOFISA + ADIF
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integral management
  • Area 63.200 m²
  • Date 11/2003 - 11/2006
  • Budget 67.000.000,00€