Shopping Centre and AVE Station

A public space at the heart of the project

Vialia Vigo is a great revitalising element at the heart of Vigo’s city centre. Not only does it transform the infrastructure of the high-speed rail station, it also combines it with leisure, shopping and entertainment uses. The project is being carried out in collaboration with Morphosis, an architecture firm led by Pritzker Prize winner Thom Mayne. It is located in a unique spot that drops seventeen meters from a residential area in the upper street down to a motorway and the city expansion at its lower level. Adapted to the terrain, the roof is a large 25,000 square-metre square that serves as a great vantage point over the Vigo estuary. The proposal ends up turning back on itself and accessing the indoor areas through a large courtyard that serves as a backbone for all the vertical communications. This space acts not only as the entrance to the station but also as a catalyst for the adjacent shopping and leisure uses.

The strategy adopted provides unity to the surroundings and reinforces the urban connection between Vialia and the city of Vigo. The urban plan for the city provides for and integrates future projects in which Vialia forms a key part of the whole. A five-kilometre public park will be connected to the eastern edge of the square. By integrating the existing context and the planned development, Vialia Vigo creates a new gateway to the city that will boost its growth and vitality for years.


Technical detais

  • Partners Morphosis-Thom Mayne, BDU, INECO
  • Type of project AVE station, Shopping Centre
  • Location Vigo (Spain)
  • Promoter ADIF
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Technical assistance
  • Area 120.000 m²
  • Date 11/2007 - En Ejecución
  • Budget 104.000.000,00€