ZEN Campus

Lofts / Hotel / Offices

The project focuses on the interior space to isolate itself from industrial surrounds

Located in the town of Alcobendas on the outskirts of Madrid, the complex is composed of four parts that generate a unique and isolated interior space that in this way responds to the industrial hostility of the surroundings.

The design takes advantage of the steep topography of the site to place each of the parts at different heights and thus create a dynamic inner courtyard space that likewise responds with different levels. The landscape and garden design takes centre stage to generate a balanced and harmonious combination of materials, textures and plant species in this intimate space.

Three of the buildings are designed to house professional offices with a simple distribution: separate pieces of 5.00m x 10.00m that are attached to each other in a linear fashion with entrances via an open corridor facing the square.


Technical detais

  • Type of project Loft complex / Offices
  • Location Alcobendas. Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter RIOFISA
  • Stages Architecture proyect and Engineering. Construction management
  • Area 13.250 m²
  • Date 03/2005 - 11/2008
  • Budget 10.600.000,00€