Interior landscapes as a response to industrial surroundings

Located in the town of Alcobendas, Madrid, the complex is made up of a hotel, an office building and eight professional lofts.

The ten pieces are arranged in parallel bands, each consisting of two buildings, one of four levels and one of three, with the height of each level rising to 5.00m. The levels move relative to one another so as not to exceed the height limit of 15.00m imposed by the local regulations. In addition, a series of setbacks of complete pieces helps to create a roof that can be used to walk on, sunbathe and enjoy, increasing the value of the lofts.

The buildings have been arranged in the available plot to give the design as a whole a unitary character. The parallel bands create an ordered sequence of full and empty spaces that are repeated rhythmically, with each emphasised via the metal band that is one of the proposal’s main features and ties the pieces together. All the buildings use the same architectural language of repetition, realised using materials such as Corten steel, curtain walls, Bakelite covered wood and stone. The spaces between the pieces are designed to the last detail to create interior landscapes that combine with the linearity of the pieces. These courtyards serve to attract the user’s attention, turning it away from the typically inhospitable industrial surroundings.

Each of these ten buildings can be accessed from a pedestrian axis that crosses the site and serves as a backbone to the proposal. Road traffic is hidden from the site’s access, so that vehicles are kept on a perimeter road with a view to achieving coexistence.


Technical detais

  • Type of project Loft complex / Hotel / Offices
  • Location Alcobendas. Madrid (Spain)
  • Promoter RIOFISA
  • Stages Architecture + Engineering + Integrated Management project
  • Area 70.125 m²
  • Date 10/2004 - 03/2009
  • Budget 46.600.000,00€