VILLENA Estación

AVE Station

Landmark in a landscape that combines subtlety with the horizontality of its surroundings

The building stands out prominently in its surroundings, serving as a landmark thanks to a huge roof that covers the station and railway lines. The roof is undoubtedly the protagonist of the project in terms of both its image and its notion of sustainability. At the front of the station the roof acts as a double skin, facilitating the solar control of the interior zones. In the station area the roof is perforated to attach and hide installations as well as to allow sky light to filter through and illuminate the concourse. And finally the roof also gives travellers shade and protection along the station platforms.

Villena station is located along the Levante route of Spain’s High-Speed Train (AVE) network. The station is sited in a rural environment and was from the outset envisaged as an icon of sustainability within the system of high-speed stations. The project’s initial premise was to integrate the station in its surroundings, which is why the platform’s slope was used to conceal the most visually striking infrastructure in addition to planting local species. The slope strategy gives the proposal a framework and is designed so that the landscape requires no irrigation or maintenance. The car park is semi-concealed one and a half meters below the access level so that the parking deck remains in the background visually, while being easy for the traveller to access. The vehicle access zone has an expanse of grass in its interior that is used as a rest area. The use of small “green” promontories and some clumps of trees serve to heighten the surprise effect for travellers approaching the station by car.


Technical detais

  • Partners INES Ingenieros Consultores
  • Type of project AVE station
  • Location Villena. Alicante. Spain
  • Promoter ADIF
  • Stages Preliminary Draft, Basic Project, Implementation Project
  • Area 28.500 m2 (Total)
  • Date 09/2009 - 07/2011
  • Budget 15.500.000€